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Why Baccarat is more popular than ever before

The game of Baccarat has enjoyed a surge in popularity across the globe over the last decade and what was once a game of the elite is now enjoyed by casino patrons the world over. But what has led to the sudden interest in this game and opened it up to the mainstream? Three main reasons can be attributed to this transition and we'll discuss them below.

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1. The introduction of Mini Baccarat to casinos

One of the main contributors to Baccarat's widespread popularity is the fact that casinos began to open up the game to low rollers frequenting the casinos. In the past, Baccarat was reserved for high rollers in special rooms and lounges that often required invitations and a special dress code to gain access.

Once casinos began to put Baccarat and other game variations like Mini Baccarat tables on their main floors, the game gained interest amongst larger groups of players who were willing to spend their money to give the game a go and soon realised that it could be quite a lucrative way to play.

2. Lower Stakes

Mini Baccarat tables generally offer lower stakes than traditional baccarat games which instantly makes them more affordable for players of all levels given that you can play a hand for a little as $5 to $10 at a land based casino and even less at just $1 when playing at an online casino. This is in stark contrast to the $50 to $100 hands that were par for the course in the cordoned off Baccarat areas of decades gone by.

3. Increased awareness of the game's possible Low House Edge

Baccarat generally carries a house edge of 1.06% which is relatively low when compared with most other casino games, making it a good choice for those looking to maximise their profits at the casino. Another great thing is that all one has to do in order to play according to optimal strategy is bet on the banker each time you play.

These simple facts have however not always been public knowledge due to the fact that they were generally on conveyed through books on the subject or by word-of-mouth from players in the know which often meant that unwitting players would be on the player hand which carries a 1.24% advantage or both hands with a 14.36 house edge. Nowadays however, thanks to the internet, anybody can learn and master the Baccarat game play rules and strategy with a simple search.

Baccarat is a casino game that offers a great deal of excitement with some pretty decent returns if played correctly. As such it's not difficult to see why this game is enjoying increasing popularity at both land based and online casinos alike. If you haven't yet tried it, do yourself a favour and do so today ‐ you may just find that it becomes one of your favourite games to play.