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Baccarat Glossary of Terms

As we mentioned previously, Baccarat is a relatively simple game to play, it also only has a limited number of related terms in comparison with other casino games.

Despite the evolution of Baccarat over the centuries, the game has retained a number of the origin French terms, which are used even in the American versions. So the list below will not only assist you in understanding the terms used at both online or brick and mortar casinos, but will also improve your French!

Baccarat - Literally translated into English this mean "zero", it is also the worst hand that the Player or Banker can hold in the game.

Baccarat en Banque - A game variation featuring two player positions where the casino books the bets.

Banco - This can either refer to the Bank or what is said when a player bets all of his/her money.

Banker - this term refers to one of three potential bets on a standard baccarat table. The house edged on this bet is just over 1% and wins pay 1 to 1 less 5% banker commission.

Banker/Player Bet - Betting on either "Dealer" or "Player" on the table.

Bankroll - The amount of money you have to play or bet with.

Carte - The term used when requesting a card from the dealer.

Chemin de Fer - or "Railroad". This is the original French version of baccarat rarely seen at the casinos with the exception of a few European casinos which only offer it to high limit players. In this game, one player plays the bank, deals all the cards, and takes all the bets.

Coup - A round of Baccarat comprising of the player and banker hands.

Croupier - The dealer employed by the casino who is in charge of the drawing of the cards. When playing at the big table version the dealer/croupier position can be taken by players.

Dealer - Also known as the croupier (please see above).

Dealing Shoe - The container holding the decks of cards, and from which the cards are dealt.

Dragon Bonus - This is a side bet option for either the player or banker hand. A win occurs if the selected hand wins by four or more points or a "natural".

Face Cards - King, Queen or Jack of any suit.

Game Supervisor - The casino employee who ensures that the correct rules are followed throughout the game.

House Edge - or Casino Advantage. This term refers to the casinos advantage over the player. No casino game's odds favour the player but Baccarat has one of the lower house edges. Click here for an explanation of Baccarat Odds and how to calculate them.

Ladderman - A casino employee who oversees the Baccarat table.

Le Grande - The best hand in Baccarat, with a total value of 9 (also see "natural").

Loss bet / Fade - A bet against the bank.

Mini-baccarat - A popular newer version of the Baccarat game where a smaller table with less seats is used, having one dealer instead of two dealers and a caller. In land based casinos, these tables are usually situated on the main casino floor and offer low table limits.

Muck - Eight card decks used in the game comprised of a total of 416 cards.

Natural - When the two cards total to 8 or 9 on the first two cards dealt to the hand.

Palette - A wooden tool used to move cards on the Baccarat table.

Petite - A hand count total of 8 (also a "natural").

Player - One of the three potential baccarat bets. The house edge is just over 1% and win pay out at 1 to 1. "Player" is the opposite bet to "Banker".

Punto Banco - The literal translation is "player banker". This is one of the most widely seen baccarat variations, found at casinos in both the US and Europe.

Railroad - Another term for the game variation "Chemin-de-fer".

Run - A side bet occasionally offered by casinos that allow one to bet on a series of hands. For example you could bet on three player hands in a row.

Shills - A sexy woman employed by the casino used to lure players to the Baccarat table (they don't have these online unfortunately).

Shooter - A term used to refer to the bank.

Skill - Used as a joke when a player has a good run. Otherwise related to online poker

Standoff - A banker and Player tie.

Super Pan Nine - A Baccarat game variation.

Table of Play - Rules dictating when and if a third card will be dealt to either hand (see Rules and game play section for more).

Tie Bet - One of the three potential results of a round of baccarat. This bet has the highest payouts at 8 to 1 but also has the highest house edge of just under 15%.