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If you thought that progressive jackpot casino games were the preserve of slots and video poker, think again! Some online casinos have added Progressive Baccarat games to their portfolios so even as a Baccarat player you'll be given the opportunity to win larger prizes than ever before without risking too much of your own money.

Playtech was the first software provider to offer Progressive Baccarat games and now offers these in both their standard game format as well as within their Live Dealer games portfolio. This progressive baccarat game evolves in the way that a standard baccarat does. It is played with 6 decks of cards with standard betting limits and offers a side bet option that is linked to the progressive jackpot offering you the opportunity to win anything from £15,000 to £70,000 in prize money.

Of course, the side bet is optional, and the advantage of this format is that you don't have to play for the progressive jackpot on every hand if you don't want to and if it's something you'd like to skip altogether then it won't affect your game.

Nevertheless, if you do decide to go for the progressive jackpot but wish to learn more about the payouts associated with it in any given game, just click on the paytable under the progressive jackpot ticker to see the various side bet payouts. In a game of progressive baccarat, these payouts are multiplied by your progressive wager in order to determine payouts and the highest possible combination wins you the major progressive jackpot. In Playtech's Progressive Baccarat games side bet payouts range from 10x the value of your side bet to 10,000x and of course the jackpot itself is up for grabs.

As with all progressives, the jackpot total increases as the game is played due to the fact that a small portion of each side bet is added to the jackpot pool. The progressive is awarded when the player and dealer have matching hands of suited Aces and 8s. This may seem like quite a long shot (and it is) but it's not impossible either and if you commit to placing a small side bet every now and again, who knows? You may just hit the jackpot and walk away with far more than you bargained for.