A Definitive Guide to Playing Online Baccarat

Baccarat Player

Why Baccarat is a Great Online Casino Game

If you're new to online gambling you're probably wondering if there is a game that is easy to play but also offers good odds so that you have a good chance of winning money when playing it.

Baccarat is a game that offers a great deal of excitement and while it based on a combination of luck and strategy, it still offers relatively good odds when played according to simple baccarat strategy which does not require too much time to learn and implement at your favourite online casino.

If you've never played Baccarat before, here we take a look at the game and tell you why it is something you should consider playing when visiting your favourite online casino.

Low House Edge

While Baccarat doesn't offer as favourable odds for long term profits as Blackjack and Video Poker do with their odds of 0.5% when played according to sound strategy, it is less complicated to play and still offers a reasonable edge of 1.06% which is lower than other popular online casino games like roulette and craps. You can also look out for single deck baccarat games. While rare, these are available at some online casinos and they offer a lower house edge of 1.01%.

Simple Strategy

Unlike Blackjack and Video Poker, Baccarat does not require you to master complicated strategies in order to lower the house edge in order to win.

In Baccarat to achieve the lowest house edge of 1.06% that we mentioned previously, all you have to do is bet on the Banker hand to win. Even after the casino takes its commission (usually around 5%) on the Banker bets you will still be left with a 1.06% house edge.

You can also bet on the Player hand which carries a 1.24% house edge (still lower than other casino games) but you should always avoid the tie hand. For more detailed information on Baccarat Rules and Game Play Strategy, click here.

Finding Baccarat Games

As you can see from the previous discussion, we have covered two main advantages of playing Baccarat, namely the reasonable house edge and simple strategy required to achieve the best odds.

Another advantage when playing Baccarat online is that you will have access to a number of Baccarat game variants, including mini baccarat, punto banco and the rare single deck baccarat games which are not always available at land based casinos. Playing Baccarat online also allows you to learn the game for free in the free play versions offered by online casinos and also to start of wagering at the lowest possible rate of just $1 per bet until you are comfortable and can wager more.

With its low house edge, ease of play and low limits, Baccarat is one of the best online games to play online.