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Best Baccarat Books

To most untrained observers, Baccarat may seem like a particularly complicated and intimidating game, this assumption however, couldn't be further from the truth! The game in fact features simple rules and strategies that can be mastered with just a little attention and practice.

The internet features a wealth of information on the game, but for those looking for books on the subject, here are the ones most recommended by experts and players across the globe:

Baccarat for the clueless By John May

This book is a definite "must read" for the Baccarat beginner, not only does May share a wealth of information on the historical and social aspects of the game but his quantitative analysis thereof is truly excellent. In this book you will learn the basic rules and strategies of the game as well as how to apply them, thus increasing your confidence and comfort when playing at the tables in a real life or virtual setting.

May does however sell a card counting technique as a "winning strategy" which has been widely criticised as no strategies can completely ensure that players employing them will win the game. This is however, a minor detail as the strategy is, for the most part, effective and the book has been praised by those in the know for its comprehensive overview, and simple yet effective explanations on how the game works and putting the theory into practice.

While seasoned players will appreciate May's extensive knowledge of the game, this book is more suited to the beginner or those who are completely clueless about the game. A very good read indeed!

The Baccarat Battle Book By Frank Scoblete

Scoblete is a widely acclaimed and accomplished gambling author whose works are characterised by a refreshingly enthusiastic and fun approach. Definitely one of the most comprehensive on the subject, his latest offering, The Baccarat Battle Book, featuring volumes of valuable basic game play information including descriptions of the most popular playing strategies, will delight the beginner player.

It also features discussions on advantage play techniques, card counting systems, money management strategies, and effective methods which can be employed to reduce the casino commission on the bank bets. The most interesting and valuable part of the book however, is that it provides a thorough analysis of the game including all playing odds which is highly beneficial to player of any level. Scoblete is straight forward in his explanations though and makes no promises of getting rich quickly, but rather teaches one how to make the most of the game in every way.

Tried and tested by players the world over, this book definitely meets with approval and goes a long way in helping you to ensure success at the Baccarat tables.

Lyle Stuart on Baccarat By Lyle Stuart

Lyle Stuart was the former part-owner of the original Alladin Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. In his lifetime he became somewhat of a gambling industry legend and was also the author of a number of controversial books including Casino Gambler for the Winner and Lyle Stuart on Baccarat.

This book draws from Stuart's personal experiences at the Baccarat tables, including a fascinating recount of the introduction of the game to America (yes, he was there!) as well as a number of other interesting and highly entertaining anecdotes, data summaries of over 160 shoes, as well as the various do's and don'ts in game play. In fact, to validate his authority to write a book on the game, the author entered two major Atlantic City tournaments and won them both, walking away with winnings in excess of $250,000!

The last of Stuart's works, this book is written with passion and enthusiasm, coupled with good common sense to ensure that the reader not only learns how to win at Baccarat, but also how not to lose everything to the casino. A rewarding and entertaining read.