If you're in the mood for something other than a casino card game but enjoy the atmosphere of the tables, then perhaps you should consider playing Roulette. Like Baccarat, Roulette is a game of chance and may appear intimidating and complicated at first, but this brightly coloured table game is actually relatively simple to grasp too, with the aim of selecting the winning number that will appear on the Roulette wheel when it comes to a standstill.

Roulette online
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As in Baccarat, there are a number of variations of the game with American and European Roulette being most popular. The difference between these two main variations lies in the zeros featured on the Roulette wheels, the European wheel has one zero and the American version double zero "00" increasing the house edge to 5.26% in comparison to the single zero wheels 2.63%, so always make sure you play European roulette where possible!

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