Best Land Based Baccarat Venues

Playing Baccarat online allows you to enjoy the game in the comfort of your own home without the additional expenses of travelling, accommodation and dining out, but if you are globetrotting at some point and are in the mood to put your acquired skills into practice at the tables, here are the best places to do it:

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada inspires visions of glitz, glamour and luxurious fun and if you've visited this amazing city you will know why! Not only is it home to some of the most magnificent hotels and night clubs in the world, but it is also a gambler's paradise and the perfect setting for a game of Baccarat which was originally introduced to the city in 1959.

Some of the best casinos to visit for this game, depending on what you are looking for of course, are:

Casino Europa

Atlantic City

Just a short trip from New York, another of the USA's great gambling destinations is Atlantic City, with most of the fun of Las Vegas with the added bonus of being situated on the coastline, it is no wonder this city sees millions of visitors each year. For the Baccarat enthusiast there is much on offer, and you are sure to enjoy the game wherever you play, although the following come highly recommended:

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is an exclusive part of the principality of Monaco where wealth, luxury and excitement are part of everyday life. Over the years this beautiful city has become one of Europe's most elite gambling destinations despite featuring only a handful of casinos. It provides the ultimate setting for a game of Baccarat, James Bond style:


Asia's answer to Vegas, and home to the biggest gambling centre, and most of the top casino brands in the world is the ever growing Macau. This is also every Baccarat players dream, as the game is one of the most popular in the city and is offered at every casino.